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FIU Embrace Center for Advancing Inclusive Communities is a center that empowers each differently abled person to live at their fullest potential through research-based and innovative programming, community engagement, and professional skills development.

Key Focus Areas

The world of different abilities

  • 1 in 6

    children in the U.S. have a developmental disability - CDC and Health Resources and Services Administration)

  • 34-37%

    of youth with autism/intellectual disabilities are less likely to have access to post-secondary education and employment

  • 550K

    young adults with autism will enter the U.S. workforce over the next decade - Autism Speaks

  • 1 in 3

    adults with different abilities do not have a usual healthcare provider - CDC

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Simmons+Hernandez Suarez Fellows Program Launch

The Simmons+Hernandez Suarez Fellows Program will be informed by multidisciplinary scholarly inquiry, marked by a high degree of professionalism and directed—always—by ethical decision making.

Fellows will be exposed to a wide range of research and expertise in:

  • Theory and models of assessment
  • Theory and models of intervention
  • Individual and cultural diversity
  • Professional conduct and interpersonal relationships
  • Ethics and legal matters

Guided by the scientist-practitioner model, the Simmons+Hernandez Suarez Fellows will form a new, diverse cadre of leaders who work to turn evidence-based approaches into evidence-based practice, transforming once-siloed services into coordinated systems of care, and reimagining communities so that differently abled adults are not relegated to the shadows but fully included as vibrant, contributing members.